"Having been a seasoned armchair investor for many years, what stands out for me with APAC is their transparency and personal touch. Most investments are faceless companies but with APAC you even get to speak with the managing director for updates and understanding. It’s one thing to say you really care about investors, it’s another to demonstrate that. APAC go the extra mile!"

Scott from Essex

"Investment relationships need to work both ways and working with APAC has proven to be one of my favourites. I feel part of the APAC family, great guys, solid business deliverables and a willingness to ensure the investor gets full value from working with them. My first investment has paid coupons reliably and encouraged a further investment. From my initial enquiry through to placing the investment they are on the ball and follow a reliable process that’s both timely, professional and accurate. Any questions answered within 48hrs if not quicker. Security, always a key critical point, is well covered. My relationship with Darryll and Henry has been very business focused, frank, open and honest but very friendly making investing with them a fluid process and a pleasure."

John from Whitstable

"I have found APAC to be one of my better investments. They communicate very well and of course most importantly have always paid my interest on time."

Simon from Kent

"I am an investor in the APAC ISAs over the last three years and also a small investor in the company. I have increased my investments in APAC over time due to the high level of support the APAC team provide to their investors - fast response to my questions and queries, early announcements of potential new investments - a truly personal service."

Hamish of South West London

"I have been a bond investor with APAC for just under two years now. I am really happy with the way they keep in touch with informative newsletters, and appreciate the transparency of their operation. What is probably the most important thing for a new investor is that they have always paid my half yearly interest on time."

Deborah from Camberley

"Like most people, I have always been sceptical of most types of investments. I am by nature a most careful person as far as my money is concerned. However the opportunity to become part of the APAC organisation was presented to me by a valued friend that was also investing with them, so I went ahead with it.

APAC are more of a family than an organisation, they apply the personal touch to their dealings with investors, and they have also impressed me with their projects, and the returns, that have been available to their investors. I would therefore fully recommend them to any further potential investors."

Andrew from Manchester

"As a new investor I found APAC keep you well informed and are very helpful if you have any problems."

Peter from Oxon

"At a time when some of my other investments are starting to concern me with deferrals to interest payments and/or maturities it is refreshing that APAC have always paid interest on time. They also provide regular updates so you don't have to chase them for information."

Robert from Lancashire

"I have been an investor for two years and have been happy with the way they paid the interest on time and they kept me informed and you get to speak to managing director of APAC if you have any queries."

Alan from Lancashire