About Us

APAC is a Company with a long-term sustainable vision.

Since our inception in 2019 we have demonstrated our dedication to offering secure and attractive investment vehicles.
The APAC Equity, born from over 60 years of collective experience within our team, represents a secure investment opportunity coupled with exciting growth potential.

At APAC, we focus our attention on 2 strategies...


To expand our portfolio of high yielding buy to let properties, creating positive cash flow with a target yield of 12% IRR


Sourcing below market value development opportunities that benefit from our ASTUTE expertise to add significant value via refurbishment and planning gain. We target a minimum of 50% ROC.

Our buy to let strategy focuses on areas that offer a high rental yield for strong cash flow, but we strategically choose areas that have not yet benefited from the inevitable regeneration. By consolidating in specific areas, we are able to offer pro-active management of the buy to let portfolio.

This combination gives us strong cash flow NOW and positions us to benefit from capital uplift as the areas become developed.

APAC are not driven by developing or owning trophy properties. Our business model is cashflow focused. We buy value so we can achieve high yields and capital growth.  For example, our development strategy typically develops projects in the region of £500k to £2.5 million ensuring the project time and scale can be managed and most importantly not overexposing the company.  In this range we are not competing with volume house-builders and generally the projects are too big for the smaller developers, therefore this range has become the ‘APAC niche’.